Morris Rd. Speed Study

At the request of a Morris Rd. resident, the Sheriff’s Office recently operated a speed monitoring trailer on Morris Rd. Last year, the same trailer was operated on Langton Rd., but no study was performed.

The Morris Rd. study is now complete and here is a summary of the results:

  • The trailer was in place for 7 days in early May 2022.
  • A total of 3,602 vehicles passed through the monitored area, which has a speed limit of 55 MPH
  • A total of 55 vehicles (1.5%) were traveling above the speed limit
  • The highest speed monitored by the trailer was 62 MPH

Per Ohio Revised Code section 4511.21.B(5), the speed limit is 55 MPG on unmarked (no speed limit signs) roadways outside municipal corporations.

Therefore, the roads in Brown Township without speed limit signs have a 55 MPH speed limitNOTE: when the school zone flashers are operating on Walker and Roberts Rds., the speed limit is 20 MPH while inside the school zone.

In Ohio, basic speed limits are set in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.21. These are considered "prima facie" limits, that is, they are subject to change when information can be supplied that would justify a change. Authority to change speed limits in various jurisdictions is as follows:

  • State Highways, including Interstate Highways and State Highways inside cities and villages: by Ohio Department of Transportation
  • City and village roads and streets other than state highways: by the city or village through engineering study
  • County and township roads and streets: by Ohio Department of Transportation through engineering study provided by the county or township
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