Safe Shooting Concerns

The Brown Township Board of Trustees continues to receive complaints from residents about gun noise and concerns about unsafe shooting practices in the township.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office advises residents to call for service whenever they feel unsafe or are concerned about such behavior. A deputy will respond and investigate. The Sheriff's Office non-emergency number is 614-525-3310. In the event of an emergency, call 911.

Townships have no authority to regulate the discharging of a firearm. That authority rests with the Ohio General Assembly. For specifics, [Click Here].

Because of strong interest from townships across the state, the Ohio Township Association has repeatedly introduced legislation that would allow townships some authority over the discharge of firearms, but the bills have never reached the floor of the House or Senate due to opposition from special interests.

Residents who wish to urge the Ohio General Asembly to permit townships some authority should contact State Representative Allison Russo and/or State Senator Stephanie Kunze, both of whom represent Brown Township residents. Contact information is available at and

Franklin County Sheriff's Responce

On October 6, 2020, Sheriff Dallas Baldwin provide an informational letter concerning shooting in Brown Township. [Click Here] to read it.