Outdoor Fires

A permit for open burning in Hilliard, Norwich and Brown Townships must be obtained before burning a bonfire, campfire, outdoor fireplace or other similar fire for the following reasons:

  • Cooking for human consumption (excludes grilling)
  • Pleasure
  • Ceremonial
  • Religious
  • Warmth
  • Recreational
  • Agricultural management
  • Disposal of landscape waste or construction debris
  • Prevention or control of disease or pests

The Ohio EPA prohibits the burning of leaves.

Burning for any reason other than those listed above must be approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA). A Norwich Township Fire Department permit is still required after the OEPA approval.

Fires must be fueled by clean seasoned firewood, natural gas or its equivalent. The total fuel area is not to be more than three feet in diameter and two feet high. However, Ceremonial fires can be up to fife feet in diameter and five feet high. No fires can burn longer than three hours.

Fire permits can be applied for at any Norwhich Township fire station. The permit must be applied for a t least five days in advance and must be picked up at the cente4ral filer station at 4164 Avery Road in Hilliard (next to the Fairgrounds). Permits are only processed during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Permit processing may take place in less than five days with a $5.00 fee.

Additional information concerning open burning or a permit for open burning may be obtained from:

Norwich Township Fire Dept.
Fire Prevention Bureau
4164 Avery Road (near fairgrounds)
Hilliard, OH 43026


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