Brown Township is now part of the Ohio Checkbook initiative.

Blockwatch Leadership Needed

A public meeting will be held to evaluate the future of the Brown Township Blockwatch and how it can continue to meet the needs of the community. If the Blockwatch is to continue, new leadership will need to be put in place over the summer for a smooth transition.

Date:   Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Time:   7:00 P.M.


 Brown Township Hall
 (across parking lot from firestation)
Needed:   Volunteers to assume leadership roles

Report Failing Sewage Systems

When household sewage treatment systems fail, untreated sewage is discharged into the environment. Untreated wastewater from a failing system can contaminate drainage ditches, streams and drinking water wells. Avoid contact with untreated human waste.

Report suspected failed systems:

  • Call (614) 525-4787

Possible Reduction in Homeowners Insurance

Recently, the Norwich Township Fire Department was awarded an ISO 2 rating. During the November 2017 Brown Township Meeting, the Norwich Fire Department informed us that reductions in home owner insurance premiums may be possible.

Please contact your insurance carrier to determine if you are eligible for lower property insurance rates. When calling your insurnace company, simply state:

"The fire department to protects my (house or business) improved their ISO rating recently and they advised to to call and notify you."

About Township Communications

Section 505.07 of the Ohio Revised Code allows newsletters and websites for public awareness. Content for the Brown Township Newsletters and Website is provided by township officials, residents and various public organizations. This website contains much more information than is published in the newsletters. However, each newsletter is archived on this website.

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