Trash Dumping

It's illegal to dump solid waste such as trash, garbage, appliances, furniture, pallets, yard waste, tires and any type of construction and demolition material such as roofing materials, structural lumber, windows and doors.

In 1992, the Nail -A- Dumper Hotline was established as a multi-agency environmental enforcement program. You are asked to report illegal dumping that occurs anywhere in Franklin County, 24 hour a day seven days a week.

Trash and garbage are ideal environments for rats, mice and other rodents, ticks, flies and mosquitoes that, in many cases, transmit diseases. In addition, illegally dumped material causes heightened risk of physical injury from contact with broken glass, sharp metal, and other waste.

Decaying garbage and yard waste create unpleasant odors, and harm our environment. Many materials that are dumped contain toxic or hazardous substances that could threaten surface or groundwater supplies.

Open dumps are found along secondary roads, utility right-of-ways, watercourses, on abandoned lots, in open fields, near construction sites, and along railroad tracks. Many times the owner is unaware that the dumping is occurring. However, the property owner is ultimately responsible for the proper disposal of any solid waste deposited on his/her property.

If you see someone dumping, or even know of a site that seems to be a problem, pick up the phone and call the Nail-A- Dumper Hotline at 871-5322.

When you call the hotline you will be asked several important questions:

  • Address of where the dumping took place
  • Township or municipality where the dumping occurred
  • A description of the dumper, including gender, race, age and approximate height and weight
  • License plate number and description of the vehicle
  • A description of what type of material has been dumped

The operator will also ask your name and phone number, both of which will be kept confidential. This information is necessary in case the investigating agency needs further information. Do not worry if you do not have the answers to all the questions you are asked.