2010 Brown Township Trustee Meetings 

Minutes of the year's meetings are hyperlinked below.

1/01/2010 Financial

1/11/2010 Regular

4/12/2010 Financial

4/19/2010 Regular
7/12/2010 Financial
7/19/2010 Regular

10/11/2010 Financial

10/18/2010 Regular

2/08/2010 Financial

2/17/2010 Regular

5/10/2010 Financial

5/17/2010 Regular

8/09/2010 Financial

8/16/2010 Regular

11/08/2010 Financial

11/15/2010 Regular

3/08/2010 Financial
3/25/2010 Regular

6/14/2010 Financial

6/21/2010 Regular

6/28/2010 Financial

9/13/2010 Special

9/13/2010 Financial

9/20/2010 Regular

12/13/2010 Financial

12/20/2010 Regular

A word about Meeting Minutes posted here

The meeting minutes posted here are the actual meeting minutes prepared by the Fiscal Officer and approved by the Brown Township Board of Trustees. The official minutes of each meeting are signed by the Chair once approved, typically at the next meeting. In the case of minutes that are not provided in scanned PDF format (accessed via the menu to the left), the webpage text does not replace official minutes that are signed and maintained by the Brown Township Fiscal Officer. Please contact the Township Fiscal Officer if you require an official copy of the Brown Township Board of Trustee meeting minutes.

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