Shooting in Brown Township

It is not illegal to discharge a firearm on private property in Brown Township under certain conditions, including:
  • Shooting must be confined to one’s own property or property where the shooter has permission from the property owner.
  • Ammunition rounds must not leave that property and not pass over a roadway.
  • Shooting may not take place on a public road.
  • Rounds must not pass within 100 yards of a house, park, school, church, inhabited dwelling, or property of another.
  • Shooter must not be intoxicated.
  • Shooters may be criminally prosecuted for injury or property damage caused by their rounds.

If you see or hear shooting that you consider unsafe, call the Franklin County Sheriff’s non-emergency number at (614) 525-3333 and exlpain your situation. A deputy will investigate and provide the shooter with information about appropriate shooting practices if they find unsafe circumstances.

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