Mando Ditch Petition

Patterson Rd., Jerman Ln., Morris Rd., small part of Amity Rd.

Mando Ditch Petition Materials:

Franklin County Engineer Website (scroll down to find MANDO)

December 8, 2023
Preliminary Design Report

March 27, 2024
Presentation Brown Twp Hall

Ohio Revised Code section 6131 allows the cost and maintenance of drainage improvement projects to be assessed over multiple landowners based on the benefit created to those properties. The Franklin County Engineer’s Office performs the design and oversees the construction and maintenance of these projects. Concerned landowners should attend these meetings to stay informed and provide feedback to the process.

Jim Ramsey, PE
Riparian and Environmental
Franklin County Drainage Engineer
(614) 525-7469
Abby Obert, EI
Drainage Project E.I.
Franklin County Drainage Engineer
(614) 525-5138

Don Murphy
Drainage Technician
Franklin County Engineer
(614) 525-2787

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