Krishna Temple

On February 26, 2016, ISKCON of Columbus, Ohio, USA, a Krishna religious organization, completed the purchase of 50 acres located at 3508 Walker Rd. just north of Davis Rd.

According to the buyer, the site will be used for a 500-person capacity Krishna temple and school to replace their current 300-person facility established near The Ohio State University campus in 1984. There are also plans for a farm-to-table restaurant and a vegetarian culinary institute that will teach vegetarian cooking to the public. For more information click here

Brown Township is under the jurisdiction of Franklin County Zoning, which permits religious uses under Rural District zoning 302.025 provided the use occupies a lot of not less than three acres and there is one acre or more per one hundred seats or similar accommodates in the main assembly area. A parsonage, or minister's residence is permitted on the same lot, provided there is adequate area for water supply and waste-water disposal if located on site.

The Walker Rd. property highlighted to the left is located outside of the Hilliard water and sewerage service area. This means the site will require an appropriately sized well and septic system. The site will also require a storm water management system that does not affect the local ecosystem or existing drainage.

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