Agricultural Preservation Plan

  • Committee formed August 2000
  • Residents' Survey July 2001
  • Interim report August 2002

During the summer of 2000, the Trustees formed the Brown Township Agricultural Preservation Plan Steering Committee (APPSC) because of their interest in land use issues related to agriculture and open space preservation. The members of this committee are:

  • Donna Carrel, Chair
  • Larry Baumgartner 
  • Tom Crook
  • Harold Jerman
  • Cheryl Lorson
  • Joe Martin
  • Steve Rider
  • Dick Stahl


"The development of a land use document defining suitable development which preserves agricultural land and open space while enhancing the health and sovereignty of the township as a whole."


In order to accomplish this goal, the Brown Township Board of Trustees assigned several topic areas for the committee to address. These topic areas are:

  • Farmland Preservation 
  • Wastewater Treatment Issues
  • Cluster Development
  • Open Space Conservation
  • Farm Village Development 
  • Township Zoning

The Document


Addresses the history of the project, general background issues and strategic goals that the Township should consider in future planning efforts. Also provides an analysis that looks at each of the six topics assigned to the APPSC by the Board of Trustees. This includes a discussion and list of issues, tools and recommendations on how Brown Township should proceed to address each topic. Finally, the report discusses where the project is and where it should go next.

Survey Results

Full report that details the survey process, provides in-depth results and documents written comments received from township residents. This section also provides the raw survey results.


Soil types and parcel sizes

Appendix A - Survey Executive Summary

Short overview of the survey statistics, topics and a offers a brief conclusion.

Appendix B - Terms

Description of terms and tools used in Agricultural and Open Space conservation efforts.