Advisory Panel


The Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel was formed by the Big Darby Accord Plan as a voluntary advisory body to serve the public interest. The Panel reviews Applications from the Member Jurisdictions for property located within the Big Darby Tributary Area, and to provide advice to those Member Jurisdictions upon request.


Meetings are open to the pubic and are held at 1:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month, or another date or time as may be decided by the Panel from time to time. If the second Tuesday is a holiday, the meeting will be moved to the preceding Monday. Meetings are held at Memorial Hall, (old COSI building - 280 East Broad Street. Columbus, Ohio 43215) unless otherwise decided by the Panel.


The Big Darby Accord Advisory Panel consists of appointments from the following Member Jurisdictions: bullet

  • The City of Columbus (3 appointees)
  • Franklin County (2 appointees)
  • Brown Township (1 appointee)
  • Pleasant Township (1 appointee)
  • Prairie Township (1 appointee)
  • 1 appointee is selected by the panel as an At-Large Member

In addition, appointments may made if any of the following jurisdictions become a Member Jurisdiction:

  • The City of Hilliard (1 appointee)
  • Grove City (1 appointee)


brown township